Recovering From U-boot Mode

Have you ever found your Junos device stuck in the "U-boot" mode ( => ) before? Mario Costa explains how to recover from this situation.


When in this state your Junos image has of course "magically disappeared" and your heart skips an unhealthy beat. Here is a survival guide that will aid you in getting Junos installed from a TFTP/FTP server on your network.


Step 1:

Firstly, you need to get your environment variables set, which is basically assigning the following: Management Port IP address (ipaddr), Gateway IP address (gatewayip), TFTP/FTP Server IP address (serverip)

setenv ipaddr

setenv netmask

setenv gatewayip

setenv serverip



Step 2:

Secondly, reboot the device (boot command) to then access the "Loader" prompt. During the reboot process you will be presented with the following output:

Hit [Enter] to boot immediately, or space bar for command prompt.


After pressing the space bar key on your keyboard you gain access to the Loader prompt:



Step 3:

Thirdly, you need to install (via TFTPBOOT) the JunOS image on your device:

loader>install tftp://


Step 4:

Wait patiently as the Junos device boots. After the boot process has completed successfully you should have Junos installed on your internal flash and a "healthy device" up and running again.

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The U-boot mode is prior to

The U-boot mode is prior to the loader prompt so if you are stuck there then you cannot access the loader...

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yes, why does Junos device

yes, why does Junos device stuck in U-boot? never understood the logic. myassignmenthelpaustralia blogspot com anyways thanks for sharing the solution hope it will be helpful.

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u-mode binary

thnaks, it helps me with th U-mode. John S. Ontario, Canada.

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